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361MC – Animation Set Making

Day1: bedroom flooring + wallpaper, kitchen floor + wallpaper

Day2: Hospital room, therapy room

Day 3: Bedroom wardrobe, bed, mirror, bedside table

Day 4: Kitchen sides, hospital bed

Days 5: props and finishing touches (fruit bowl, plates and food for the table, posters)

Character making :

Day 1 –

Day 2 –

Day 3 –


361MC – Animation Shooting


Day1 – Kitchen Scene

Day2 – Bathroom and bedroom. Girl kept breaking

Day 3 – This morning I sent what we have completed so far to Mez, to receive some feedback on how we were doing. She said technically it needed some work as objects, such as the table, were moving and at some point the story wasn’t clear. This did make me feel slightly down as Kelly and I had worked hard so far, but now we were going to have to work harder and reshoot to get our film to be perfect.

Day 4 – Set plans and ideas to use to the rest of our time and productively as we could. Which scenes first, in which order, lighting, sticking everything down etc.

Day 5 – Hospital Scene, Scales, bathroom sick

Days 6 – spend the morning re-modeling girl and fixing kitchen set. Filmed Bedroom, first scene

Days 7 – Re model the girl, again! We made bruises on her legs, as this is one of the side effects from anorexia. We wanted to audience to get the idea she had them from her excessive exercising. Shot the rest of the bedroom scenes (exercising, her fainting)

Day 8 – We received back feedback from Mez (she looked bad, could tell the story) This put us on a downer for the morning, as we were nearly finished and thought it looked good. So to receive such bad feedback at this stage left us slightly downhearted. That afternoon we filmed the kitchen scenes as planned, however I don’t feel we put as much effort into it, due to how we were feeling. At the end of the day, we

Day 9 – Sound

361MC – New Budget

Kelly and I have always planned to budget our project ourselves. Because of this, we wanted to minimise our budget. We had already spend around £150 on the animation, which has now gone to waste, so we had to make sure we keep our spending down for the new project. We set a budget of £100 for this film. This would cover expenses such as petrol, props and food on the day. Luckily these were the only expenses we had, as we weren’t paying for location or actors. We provided food and drinks for the actors on the day. As we weren’t paying them, this was the least we could do. Also it is one of the professionalism skills I gained, as all actors get food and drinks during filming to keep them happy and well.

Practically, we would have had to pay to loan our equipment, which would have come to around £231. Luckily we are able to take equipment from the loan shop for free. Below I have made a list of what our production should have cost, if we paid for our equipment and actors. This is a professional thing to do, as it is what every production company does for their films, furthermore it has taught me how to do it for the future.

Original Budget List:
Wooden mannequins x3 (Ebay) – £16.40
Character Clothes – £15
Facial features (eyes) (Amazon) – £1.3
Set props (bed, table, mirror, desk, chairs, carpet, wallpaper etc) – £50
Plasticine – £30
Clay Sculpting Tools (Amazon) – £2.45
Poster Printing – £40
Software – £30

Total = £150

New Realistic Budget List:

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 16.36.46


New Actual Budget List:

Magazine props: £10

Petrol for travel: £25

Pizza: £4

Total: £39

361MC – Final Treatment

The story begins with main character Ryan in his bedroom one evening, looking upset and sitting quietly on her bed with his hands in his knees. We pan to see different fitness magazines lying on his bed in the background. Ryan then receives online messages, but chooses to ignore them. We zoom into the computer screen, which shows he has received many comments from other people regarding his looks and weight. It will become clear that this has been an ongoing thing and we will see Ryan get up and walk away from the laptop and begin looking at himself in the mirror. He holds different areas of his body and appears to study them. We will then go to a shot of what he see’s in the mirror, which is somebody much larger staring back at him. We then flip to close up of his face appearing very emotional. We hear the messages continuing to come through on his laptop. Ryan continues to look at himself in the mirror and begins to cry. We then zoom out to a wide shot of his bedroom.

Ryan later goes downstairs and sits down to have dinner with his mother. We will show a close up tracking shot of them eating there dinner, and see that Ryan is not eating his. Ryan looks incredibly uncomfortable and his family wonder why he is not eating his dinner but do not know the true extent of the problem. We show Ryan playing around with her dinner and not being at all interested in eating it. Fade shot to show time has passed and the rest of the family has finished eating. Tracking shot of all of the empty plates on the table as well as Ryan’s full plate. Ryan looks at his family and after making sure nobody is looking she scrapes his food into a bag he has under the dinner table. Close up of Ryan’s face looking very sad and guilty.

Later we see a close up of Ryan’s feet as he walks into the bathroom. He kneels down and places his hands onto the toilet seat. We see his face and a tear is running down his cheek. We then see him from behind whilst he is sick into the toilet. After wiping his mouth he cries heavily. He then sits down on the bathroom floor and continues crying and the shot then fades out.

We then see a close up of Ryan’s feet and a tracking shot upwards onto his body and see his face. His body is dry, crackling and slightly bleeding. We see Ryan shaking as he is so weak and cold despite the layers of clothes he is wearing. Ryan takes out a pen and begins to write a diet plan onto a piece of paper, which states he will eat nothing for breakfast, some cucumber slices for lunch and just a bowl of lettuce for dinner. Ryan finishes writing his list, tilts his head to look at it and smiles and nods as if he is happy about how little he will be eating.

Later, Ryan walks into the kitchen. We see him get himself a glass of water. As he is pouring the water his mum walks up towards him and points at the dinner that is cooking on the stove. Lucy shakes his head as if to say he is not very hungry and walks out of the room. His mum watches him leave, and has a worried look on his face.

Back in his bedroom, Ryan sips the water and then puts it down, gets up and begins to jog on the spot, getting faster and faster. He then begins to do star jumps and other various exercises. We see him take a large breath and look exusted. After sipping a little more water, he goes back to exercising but this time is faster and for a longer time. He suddenly stops and stumbles backwards and cannot keep his balance. We see the room spinning. Ryan tries to hold his head and stop but the room begins spinning faster. Ryan suddenly collapses to the ground and the shot then blacks out.

During the blackout, we hear the sounds of a hospital machine beeping for several seconds. This then slows down and eventually stops, and the sound of a flat line plays over.

We then go to a shot, which indicates it is taking place some time later. Ryan appears in the shot and is sitting in bed at home enjoying a cereal bar.

We then see a later shot of Ryan on the sofa looking on the Internet. Close up to show he is searching therapy groups for anorexia.


360MC – Trailer Critical Evaluation

The most effective trailers are the ones that stick in the audiences mind. The ones that they remember, that they get excited about, leaves them wanting more, remember the name of and tell their friends about are the most successful trailers. These are the reason why trailers are made. A trailer includes snippets of the film. The filmmakers don’t want to give to much of the storyline away, so they show the exciting parts of the film in clips, to also excite the audience.

I wanted to make a trailer that is catchy and interesting for the reasons above. I want it to be successful. I have found that making the trailer was much harder then I anticipated. I had to thoughtfully select the clips I wanted to include, as the clips have to be perfect to show the film in right way and give enough across to the audience about the narrative, without giving too much away. Once I selected the clips, I then wanted to edit the clips so they start at a slow, normal pace, then increase and get more exciting and edgy as the trailer goes on. I thought this would be a good way to get the audience’s attention and for them to remember it. I also edited it this way as I thought I would be a good way to attract my target audience of teenagers. The music also plays a big part in a trailer. The right music can take your trailer from being dull and boring, too exciting and catchy. I decided to use the same music from my film, as I thought this is what suited best.

361MC – What I Learnt From Our Last Attempt

I don’t think I had total confidence in my last project. Although I really wanted it to work and to be a success, I had doubts in my mind that maybe we couldn’t reach the expectations we had. Looking back now, I really wish I were more positive. My negativity might have been the reason we didn’t do so well or may have been stopping me from working that bit harder.

The first project defiantly taught me that not every project you set out to do, will work out the way you want it or even at all. No matter how passionate you are about your idea and how much you think it will work, there is always a chance it could fail. Through a mistake of your own or because of different circumstances, your production could fail at anytime. If you are quick to realise your production won’t be good enough, you are luckily. You’ll have time to make the changes you need to or just start again. However, if you only realise towards the end, like Kelly and I, you’re not so lucky. But it is something to learn from. Every attempt you make counts for something.

Looking back now, I think Kelly and I should have planned to shoot for longer. Two weeks just wasn’t long enough. We made a schedule for what we were going to film on each day, but some days we would film more and some days less. It depended on how we both felt that day. The days we felt deflated and over our heads, we would have a bad days shooting. It wasn’t until we were half way through the shoot and looking back at our footage, when we realised what we had got ourselves in to. Kelly and I have done animation together before, in College which we both really enjoyed, but the circumstances were much different. That was for a module in College where we had lots of help and lots of time, however this is for our final project at University. There is so much more pressure and we were on our own.

If I were to do animation again in the future, I would defiantly be a lot more prepared. I would make more time for the shoot, at least a month or even longer. It is always better to have more time, then not enough.

Also I think Kelly and I should have got extra help with the project. For example, we could have had help with our characters from Product Design students at the University. That way our characters could have looked more realistic and professional. If our characters looked more realistic, then our film would look less amateur and more professional. We also could have asked for help from Fashion students, to help with out costume design and making them. Instead of making the costumes out of plasticine like we did, which looked quite bad and kept breaking.

A collaboration with other students would have not only improved our project, but it would have expanded my professionalism skills. Working with professionals from different departments, would have improved my knowledge of how to communicate with other professionals, strengthened my confidence with working with others and give me vital experience for the future.

I think I would defiantly like another try at Animation. Next time I would do all of the things different, but still work with a partner. I think there will be too much work and pressure to do it on my own. Working with a partner would spread the responsibility and pressure, but gain more ideas and knowledge. I would also keep the meaningful storyline, as I think animation is a good way to get a serious topic across. It is a good way to engage with the audience.

361MC – EPK Critical Evaluation

Next I had to start thinking about creating the EPK. First I started my research about what an EPK consists of. Although I have made one before, I needed to make sure I was including everything I needed and to a high standard. I needed to be certain of the contents for an Electronic Press Kit and how they are presented.

My research taught me that we needed to include the following in out EPK; Synopsis, cast and crew bios, director’s statement, film stills, production stills, trailer, FAQ’s, contact information, quotes and any screening information.

I started to research other short film EPKs, which might give me an idea on how to design and present my own.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 20.45.28

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 20.45.06 Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 20.43.58 Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 20.42.46

This research has taught me that the more colourful and interesting the front-page it, the likely chance that the reader will carry on reading. Where as, I found that when I was reading the plain EPKs with only a white background and plain text, I would be uninterested after looking for only a couple of seconds and want to go off the page. This is not what I want from my EPK.

Overall, I really like our EPK. I think it’s really interesting, a variety of colours and images that will get the audiences attention and tell you everything you need to know from an EPK. Compared other EPKs, I think mine sits in the middle. It isn’t boring like the white background ones, but isn’t as good quality as the high end, top budget film. Which in a way I’m happy with.

361MC – Third and Final Edit

I left what I thought was the final edit to one side for a couple of days. I wanted to take my mind off it, so I could look back at the edit to see any mistakes and watch it back with new ideas. Then when I came back to it, I noticed it was quite boring and dull. Each shot was about 10 seconds or longer. Also the music was too soft for the narrative, it didn’t fit. I found that after watching the first couple of minutes, I became uninterested. Which is very bad if I was bored of my own film! So I knew I had a number of changes to make.

I started to re-edit straight away. I cut down all of the shots by at least half, cropped some shots to make close ups, a bit of variety and started to look for some new, upbeat and more exciting music. We found Copyright free music called ‘Down Day’. We both agreed that we like it and it had the type of sound we wanted. It was edgy and loud which is the sort of thing we wanted. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long enough to fit the section of film we wanted it to, so I had to sound mix them to tie them together.

I also added in flashing images when the protagonist is looking in the mirror and when he is offered food from is mum, to show that his is what he is thinking when he sees himself and what till happen if he eats the food. The image is off a larger man. I decided that I would add this in as from my research I learnt that some people with Anorexia experience this. I thought that this would also help show the audience what he is thinking and how he sees himself. It is a way of showing the audience, without telling them the narrative.

Near the end of editing, Kelly and I decided to take out the scene where Ryan is sleeping in the bed, just before recovery. We thought it wasn’t entirely necessary, and thought the audience might not be able to understand what’s happening. It also didn’t have the best lighting, as it was extremely bright compared to the others.

Comparing the final edit to the first edit, they’re completely different. The first edit is long, boring and isn’t very interesting at all. Where as this edit is fast, exciting and can capture the audience’s attention. I much prefer this edit. Although the film has now been cut down by about half, the footage and narrative still have good quality to pull it off and make it the best it can be. I have worked hard on this final edit and I’m really happy with it.