364MC – Module Evaluation

Throughout this module, I have learnt a great deal about how to be a Media Professional and how to kick start my career as a TV Floor Manager. Although I am still undecided on Freelancing, I am confident I have learnt great knowledge about the role, the skills I will need, the entry requirements etc. It has also given me a great understanding the TV industry and Media industry as a whole. The module has allowed me to think professionally and learn how to develop my ambition. I am now aware of the challenges I am face and the journey I will have to take to reach my deal, but I feel confident I can do this and will be prepared for it. Not only have the module taught me the skills I will need and how to get a job, it has now also given me contacts within the industry I want a career in. Therefore, I can use these contacts in the future to help better my chance of getting a job.


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