364MC – Creating my Portfolio

I planned my Portfolio on paper. I wanted to plan the design, colours, text and images before hand, so I would know what it will look like before actually doing it. I could also list down all of the page I want, with the different information I need to include. I wanted to include all of the links for the videos I have worked on, and use screenshots too, as this will give the audience actual visuals of my work.

I decided to include my CV on my Portfolio. I learnt from my research, that other Floor Managers were also doing this, so I thought I should too, to keep up with the competition. My CV was very old, it included jobs and experiences from many years ago, which are not longer relevant. It also wasn’t very ‘media professional’. I needed to update it before posting it on my Portfolio. I wasn’t entirely sure how to write a CV, especially a professional CV, so I have used a number of sites to use as a template.I have been using Prospects to help with re-writing my CV.




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