364MC – Contacts

I have chosen the following contacts, as I believe they will help me with my future career. Some of the contacts I already knew from past experiences, but most of them are knew. The new contacts I have, I gained through LinkedIn. I have been emailing professionals, asking for advice and tips on how to get into the industry. I would like to think they’re now contracts I can use in the future.

David Hayward 

David is a successful Journalist. He has worked for both the BBC and ITV. However, he now owns his own journalism company, also training people to become journalists. I have included a video of David speaking about my Floor Managing skills in my ‘Floor Managing Experience’ blog page.

I worked with David on ‘CoventryTV’ last year. It was good experience for me to work with a professional with many years experience. He have me lots of good advice and tips for the future.

Social Networking:





Carmel Sudbury

Director of Carmel Jane Photography.

Although Carmel is a photographer, she could be helpful in my future career if I ever need a photography for jobs I will be doing.

Website: http://www.carmeljane.co.uk/

Social Networking: https://www.facebook.com/CarmelJanePhotography

Telephone: 01277 822674

Email: Info@carmeljane.co.uk

Ben KeyStone

Studio Floor Manager at ‘Jet Studios’.

Emailing advice for the future


Joe Wilcox

Floor Manager at ‘Rocks & Co’

Emailing advice for the future


Jo Hudd

Freelance Floor Manager

Emailing advice for the future


Tom Neary

Floor Manager at ‘Rocks & Co’

Emailing advice for the future








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