364MC – My Floor Managing Experience

Year 1 – TV Module

The first year TV module was my first experience as a Floor Manager. I decided this was the role I wanted to do, after researching the possible roles and thinking it was the one most suited to me. We had to create a LIVE magazine show, based around UFO’s. It was a big task for my first time in the studio, but we all worked really hard and had a great outcome. I loved every minute of the experience. After a few weeks into the module, my confidence as a Floor Manager really grew and I knew exactly what I had to do and what was expected of me. It was this module which helped me decide that I career in TV was perfect for me.

Year 2 – Formats

Second year we had to make a pre recorded dating show. For this module, I knew straight away I wanted to be a Floor Manager again. So I put myself forward and the group decide I would be the best person for the job. Of course I was thrilled. I was really happy the show was pre-recorded as it gave me the chance to experience something different. Although the lead up was pretty much the same; rehearsals, set making etc. The recording itself was much more relaxed and less pressure. I enjoyed being able to experience both types of TV recording.

Year 2 – CovTV

At the end of my second year, I was approached to help the third year journalism students create a live news program in the TV Studio. I was more than happy to help out! Again, I put myself forward for the role of Floor Manager, this was approved. This project was slightly different, as I wasn’t doing it for my own module and grade, but for someone else’s. Which I found more pressured. I guess this is what it is like to work for a TV company, you’re making the best show possible for them, not you.

Here is a video of Shelly Stevenson and David Hayward talking about my contributions towards CovTV and my Floor Managing skills. https://vimeo.com/128467495 

Year 3 – Peer Mentoring

I chose this advantage basically as it would be the last chance to get into the TV studio before leaving the course. Although I wasn’t using the equipment myself, I really enjoyed teaching the first years how to use it all. I spent three weeks in the studio with them, teaching them how to use the equipment and how to make their TV show successful.

Watching TV recordings:

I remember going along to watch TV recordings since I was little. I still go whenever I get the chance. I have seen a mixture of recordings such as; Celebrity Juice, The Big Fat Quiz, Britain’s Got Talent LIVE, X Factor LIVE and more. Each time I have gone to see a recording, I spend most of the time watching the crew, especially the Floor Manager. I love seeing how they work, what they do, what everyone’s responsibilities are etc. Although I have researched all of these things, going to see it in action is so much better. Seeing it first hand I can really get an understanding of everyone’s roles.

The difference between live and pre recording, which I would prefer, why?

From all of my experience within the TV studio, with both watching and making, I have learnt that I definitely prefer LIVE TV. Although pre-recording is still fun and I enjoy it, I much prefer the fast place and pressured side of LIVE TV. The fact you only have one chance to get it right is slightly scarey, I also think it’s really exciting and thrilling.


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