364MC – Floor Manager Skills Research

I wanted to make sure I knew and understood everything which being a Floor Manager involves; so I have completed the research below using Prospects and Agcas.

A person will require many skills to be a successful and professional Floor Manager. As well as being mature, confident and competent, a good FM will have a great understanding of the television requirements and know all of the relevant floor positions well; such as camera, sound, light etc. A FM will at times being very stressful and have to deal with difficult situations, so the person must deal with these calmly and work well under stress. They also must be a people person, as a FM will always be working with lots of different people everyday, they must have good interpersonal skills. As the FM is cuing and timing the presenters, it is critical they must have a great sense of time and continuity. The FM will be working with the producers and set designers on the floor plans and set changes, so they should have a good sense of space to do this well and with eas.

I do believe that I have many of the skills above including; television requirements, knowing the relevant floor positions, working well under stress, good interpersonal skills etc. However, the rest I will have to gain through experience. For example, learning about the floor plans, continuity, equipment I don’t already know etc. I can learn all of these over time, through the experience I will gain.


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