364MC – Research Entry Requirements

Having a degree is the most successful way of becoming a Floor Manager. Subjects such as Media Studies, Drama/Theatre Studies and Photography/Film/Television are the most helpful.

Although having a Degree in a relevant subject is the quickest and most common way to becoming a Floor Manager, it is not the only way. ‘Many floor managers have worked their way up to this position from a more junior or related role.’ Some have started as just a runner or junior assistant on set, then worked their way up, gaining first hand experience along the way. Doing it this way could take a number of years, it will be worth while due to the amount of vital experience you are gaining and contacts you are making. It also gives you a great chance to impress the directors and producers. I have found that to get a job these days, the experience counts for more than your education.

It is essential to have experience to become a Floor Manager. Theatre experience is helpful, however previous work in television is more likely. This could be either as a runner, assistant floor manager or in other technical roles such as sound or lighting. Many years experience is essential to compete within this industry.

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