364MC – My Chosen Profession

I would like to pursue a career as a Floor Manager for a TV studio. During my time at Coventry University, I have tried and tested many roles including; cinematography, sound, light, producing and more. Although I gained knowledge and experience from them all, the role I truly enjoyed was being a Floor Manager for my TV Modules.

When anyone asks why I want to be a ‘FM’, it’s hard for me to answer. I can’t find the words to explain why I want to do it, except just that I think it’ll be something I will be really good at and enjoy! During the times I have been a Floor Manager, I thoroughly enjoyed it and didn’t want it to come to an end. I like the fact that I am in charge, that I know whats going on, where everyone has to be, the times in which things have to be done etc. It might sound like I just like being bossy, but that is what I enjoyed about the role. I also loved the fast pace and pressure of the job too. How you’re always busy, the importance of getting things right and done on time. I know that is the type of work atmosphere I will enjoy.

‘Formal qualifications are helpful but practical experience is what really matters.’

I have completed some research about Floor Managers and have learnt that it is now more common for Floor Managers to be Freelance. Although I have never considered going freelance, my research has taught me that it is quite a risky career choice to make, but if you do well, you will be successful and I definitely think that if I work as hard as I possible can, I can be a successful freelance FM.





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