361MC – What I Learnt From Our Last Attempt

I don’t think I had total confidence in my last project. Although I really wanted it to work and to be a success, I had doubts in my mind that maybe we couldn’t reach the expectations we had. Looking back now, I really wish I were more positive. My negativity might have been the reason we didn’t do so well or may have been stopping me from working that bit harder.

The first project defiantly taught me that not every project you set out to do, will work out the way you want it or even at all. No matter how passionate you are about your idea and how much you think it will work, there is always a chance it could fail. Through a mistake of your own or because of different circumstances, your production could fail at anytime. If you are quick to realise your production won’t be good enough, you are luckily. You’ll have time to make the changes you need to or just start again. However, if you only realise towards the end, like Kelly and I, you’re not so lucky. But it is something to learn from. Every attempt you make counts for something.

Looking back now, I think Kelly and I should have planned to shoot for longer. Two weeks just wasn’t long enough. We made a schedule for what we were going to film on each day, but some days we would film more and some days less. It depended on how we both felt that day. The days we felt deflated and over our heads, we would have a bad days shooting. It wasn’t until we were half way through the shoot and looking back at our footage, when we realised what we had got ourselves in to. Kelly and I have done animation together before, in College which we both really enjoyed, but the circumstances were much different. That was for a module in College where we had lots of help and lots of time, however this is for our final project at University. There is so much more pressure and we were on our own.

If I were to do animation again in the future, I would defiantly be a lot more prepared. I would make more time for the shoot, at least a month or even longer. It is always better to have more time, then not enough.

Also I think Kelly and I should have got extra help with the project. For example, we could have had help with our characters from Product Design students at the University. That way our characters could have looked more realistic and professional. If our characters looked more realistic, then our film would look less amateur and more professional. We also could have asked for help from Fashion students, to help with out costume design and making them. Instead of making the costumes out of plasticine like we did, which looked quite bad and kept breaking.

A collaboration with other students would have not only improved our project, but it would have expanded my professionalism skills. Working with professionals from different departments, would have improved my knowledge of how to communicate with other professionals, strengthened my confidence with working with others and give me vital experience for the future.

I think I would defiantly like another try at Animation. Next time I would do all of the things different, but still work with a partner. I think there will be too much work and pressure to do it on my own. Working with a partner would spread the responsibility and pressure, but gain more ideas and knowledge. I would also keep the meaningful storyline, as I think animation is a good way to get a serious topic across. It is a good way to engage with the audience.


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