361MC – Third and Final Edit

I left what I thought was the final edit to one side for a couple of days. I wanted to take my mind off it, so I could look back at the edit to see any mistakes and watch it back with new ideas. Then when I came back to it, I noticed it was quite boring and dull. Each shot was about 10 seconds or longer. Also the music was too soft for the narrative, it didn’t fit. I found that after watching the first couple of minutes, I became uninterested. Which is very bad if I was bored of my own film! So I knew I had a number of changes to make.

I started to re-edit straight away. I cut down all of the shots by at least half, cropped some shots to make close ups, a bit of variety and started to look for some new, upbeat and more exciting music. We found Copyright free music called ‘Down Day’. We both agreed that we like it and it had the type of sound we wanted. It was edgy and loud which is the sort of thing we wanted. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long enough to fit the section of film we wanted it to, so I had to sound mix them to tie them together.

I also added in flashing images when the protagonist is looking in the mirror and when he is offered food from is mum, to show that his is what he is thinking when he sees himself and what till happen if he eats the food. The image is off a larger man. I decided that I would add this in as from my research I learnt that some people with Anorexia experience this. I thought that this would also help show the audience what he is thinking and how he sees himself. It is a way of showing the audience, without telling them the narrative.

Near the end of editing, Kelly and I decided to take out the scene where Ryan is sleeping in the bed, just before recovery. We thought it wasn’t entirely necessary, and thought the audience might not be able to understand what’s happening. It also didn’t have the best lighting, as it was extremely bright compared to the others.

Comparing the final edit to the first edit, they’re completely different. The first edit is long, boring and isn’t very interesting at all. Where as this edit is fast, exciting and can capture the audience’s attention. I much prefer this edit. Although the film has now been cut down by about half, the footage and narrative still have good quality to pull it off and make it the best it can be. I have worked hard on this final edit and I’m really happy with it.

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