361MC – Target Audience

The change in protagonist and how it is now a short film has changed our target audience. Instead of naming aiming for teenage girls, we are now aiming for teenage girls, teenage boys and parents. The change in target audience means we need to re-think the narrative, to make sure it will appeal to both boys and girls. We will do this by doing over the script, researching other films that have a similar narrative and target audience and also asking people we know if it appeals to them.

It is always important to have a target audience for a film, so it reaches the people who you want to see it and make the film for them. You need to make a film with a specific audience in mind when making your film, as they will need to find the film appeal and be interested in the topic. For example, you cannot have a target audience of men over 50, if your film is a Romantic Comedy or a Documentary about make up. Without a target audience, you can’t expect your film to be successful. Without the specific people watching it, they cannot spread the work about the film to their friends. The wrong people watching your film would lead to them not liking it and being uninterested. Also if you have the right target audience and can prove the film will be appealing to them, then you are more likely to get support and funds from potential investors, if they can see that you know who you are aiming for.


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