361MC – Second Edit

Feedback from Mez

Once I finished the basic first edit, I send it to Mez, asking for some feedback. I wanted to check that the story made sense, that the narrative was clear and make sure we didn’t need to re-shoot anything. I was happy with the feedback we received. She explained that the story comes through well, as not it is just the editing that needs work. This included making the cuts quicker and snappy, and only linger on close up shots. This made me realise we didn’t get that many close up shots, which we should have done. Also she advised that the exercise scenes need more oomph, they are too long and also needed to be snappy.

Second Edit

Straight away I got to work with editing. It was a lot more difficult then I originally thought it would be. Usually I like to think of myself as a good and quick editor, but for this project I needed my editing skills to be the best they could be.

I started to research editing techniques that could help me with my skills. I researched some shortcuts that will make the process quicker. I was able to learn most of the keyboard shortcuts, which meant I was able to edit at nearly double the speed. I also looked up what all of the tools are on the toolbar. I knew the basic ones at the beginning, but now I have learnt what all of them mean I am able to use them at their full potential and strengthen my editing skills. Completing this research makes me more professional, as I could just use my basic knowledge of editing and have a basic edited film, but I didn’t want this. I wanted to expand my education as best I can.

After I had made the changes that Mez suggested, Kelly arrived, so we were able to continue together which made it much easier as we both had input and contributed our opinions.

I found that adding non-diegetic sound was very difficult, as it needed to be perfect. We wanted a soft, contemporary music for the first half of the film, where you see the protagonist struggle, then a more upbeat and bright song for the second part, showing his recovery. Choosing the right sound for the film is very important, as it will influence the audience’s emotions throughout the film. I was able to find the song for the second half of the film pretty quickly, I downloaded it, put it onto my video and I thought it made it much better and really suited the film.

Finding the song for the first half however was much harder. It needed to be emotional and eerie, to fit the struggles of the protagonist. Preferable I wanted to sign in increase in speed and depth, as through out the film, Ryan’s condition deteriorates and causes himself more hard, until he pushes himself too far. That is when the music will fade out.

The short cuts I researched really helped me to edit quicker. I was able to cut, drag, crop etc. with out trying to find the tool on the toolbar or searching each time, I just had to press a key, which was much more easier.


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