361MC – Production Schedule

A production schedule is one of the most important factors in the pre-production stage. It will organise everyday of the shot, so you know exactly what you are doing on each day. A production schedule is the difference between being professional and not being professional. Every member of your cast and crew will also need the production schedule so they know their day to day duties, know what’s happening and so they are organised too.

We plan for our shoot to only take one day. Starting early and finishing late. This way we will have to work hard for one long day, instead of working steady for three or four day. Kelly and I preferred to work this way, as we were running out of time and the deadline was approaching. However, we did plan for two days shooting, incase we ran over. So we told the actors we were planning two days just incase, and they were happy about it, but they also said they will try their best to make the shoot only one day.


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