361MC – Outline and Synopsis


The Pain of Being Thin is a short film, focusing on Ryan Johnson, a young man on a journey to overcome his battle with Anorexia. Ryan has suffered years of torment from others regarding his weight and looks, and after taking matters into his own hands, will he go too far and cause more harm then good?


The Pain of Being Thin is a short film highlighting the effects of anorexia. We show our protagonist as a teenage male who goes through a battle with anorexia, brought on after years of nasty taunts about his looks and his weight. He is a quiet character, and lives only with his mother. He has had comments for years from others regarding his looks and his weight, often being referred to as to skinny. He takes matters into his own hands and thinks he is doing himself good by starving himself but excessively exercising and taking protein, and is blinded by the harm he is causing himself.

We follow the protagonist in his home as he receives these nasty messages, and we watch on as he suffers this horrible battle. Each day he refuses food, continuously looks at his body in the mirror, makes himself sick and obsessively exercises. To him this is normal, but we see his mother become concerned. After each scene of watching him suffer in a different way, we then see his obsessive exercising take it’s toll as he collapses, followed by a blackout and the sound of the hospital machines, leaving us unsure on his well being.

This scene is then followed by him on his slow road to recovery as we see him managing to eat a cereal bar, and then researching into therapy groups for anorexia. The final scenes are loving ones between him and his mother as we see her relieved that her son is receiving help and we see that she will support him on this journey.


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