After our meeting with Mez, Kelly and I left feeling quite down, worried but also annoyed. We were annoyed at ourselves for not being successful with animation. We were so determined to do a good stop motion that we felt down hearted and annoyed with the outcome. We had spent so long planned and making everything, so we thought we were well organised, so nothing could go wrong. But it did. After watching it back a number of times, I realised how bad it actually looked. We we’re watching it back after scene, but we were only concerned on how long we had and worrying about that instead. However, this didn’t last long as Kelly and I knew we had to just pick ourselves up and keep going to get our new plan rolling. We spent the rest of the day coming up with ideas of where we could go from here. As we already had a script that we liked, we decided to just make it a short film instead. Due to Kelly’s circumstances, we knew we were going to have to film in Essex and within the next three weeks. It was a bit hard to get our head around, but we were determined to do well as be as best organised as possible. Straight away we started to plan when we could film, how many days it would take, the location, how we were going to get actors, the changes in the script, getting the equipment for how long we needed it from the loan shop and getting all of this done and organised before Kelly has her baby in two weeks.

Change in Characters

We had to re-think our characters when re-writing the script for the short film. We needed to think about how the film would come across if we kept with the same characters as the animation. We thought that if we did this, the film would look very cliché and typical for a film about Anorexia, and we have always said we wanted our film to be different and stay away from clichés. Usually when people think of Anorexia, they think of young skinny girls. That is why we wanted to create a project that changed people’s knowledge and expectations of the eating disorder. So we decided we wanted to find a boy who could play our protagonist.

After deciding this, we started our search for an actor. We made a post on the social networking site, Facebook, as we thought ‘why not’ and may as well post on there. We were very luckily when we received a message from Ed, saying that he was very interested in playing the role of Ryan in our short film. However, he said that he wasn’t a professional actor and didn’t have much experience; he just acted as a hobby. I thought we were luckily to receive a response so quickly. Although he wasn’t a professional, we wanted to give him a chance and thought we could play our protagonist really well.

We made the decision to have just the mum and son characters. I thought that if it showed he comes from a broken family that could be one of the contributing factors towards his eating disorder. Have just two characters would also mean the audience can give their concentration and emotion towards the two characters we already have. Furthermore, it would show the close relationship Ryan has with his mother, so then she will know there is something wrong and be concerned when his illness becomes more severe. Ryan will be able to turn to her when he needs help and for support during his recovery. However, we plan to make the mother quite sad and depressed. We won’t show why she is this why, so the audience can come up with their own reasons why, possible that it is because they are a broken family. Nevertheless, this could also be a contributing factor towards his anorexia or bullying.


Originally the name of our film was ‘The Pain of Being Thin’, but due to the fact the film is now about a boy who is thin and being bullied for that reason, we should change the name to something more appropriate. This wasn’t one of my priorities, as we had more important things to organise before the shoot, however I planned to keep a note of any ideas I had them discuss them with Kelly at a later date.

After some discussion, Kelly and I decided to keep the name of our film. ‘The Pain of Being Thin’ still has a connection with our film. The protagonist is being bullied for being thin, it is causing him pain, and so we thought that the name still fits the outline of our film. During the process of deciding, I came up with a variety of titles such as ‘Man Up’ and ‘Peer Pressure’. I wanted to have something short and snappy, which the audience would easily remember the name of, to be able to spread the word. However it was a team decision that both Kelly and I had to make, which after the discussion I realised our original name was most appropriate.

The name of the film is very important, as it is the audience’s first impression of the film. If it has a name that isn’t catchy or give some detail about the film, then the audience will easily forget it. A name that they can remember means they can talk about it to their friends and family, which is exactly what we want our film to do. We want people to spread the word and the message our film gives. This is what raises awareness.


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