361MC – New Budget

Kelly and I have always planned to budget our project ourselves. Because of this, we wanted to minimise our budget. We had already spend around £150 on the animation, which has now gone to waste, so we had to make sure we keep our spending down for the new project. We set a budget of £100 for this film. This would cover expenses such as petrol, props and food on the day. Luckily these were the only expenses we had, as we weren’t paying for location or actors. We provided food and drinks for the actors on the day. As we weren’t paying them, this was the least we could do. Also it is one of the professionalism skills I gained, as all actors get food and drinks during filming to keep them happy and well.

Practically, we would have had to pay to loan our equipment, which would have come to around £231. Luckily we are able to take equipment from the loan shop for free. Below I have made a list of what our production should have cost, if we paid for our equipment and actors. This is a professional thing to do, as it is what every production company does for their films, furthermore it has taught me how to do it for the future.

Original Budget List:
Wooden mannequins x3 (Ebay) – £16.40
Character Clothes – £15
Facial features (eyes) (Amazon) – £1.3
Set props (bed, table, mirror, desk, chairs, carpet, wallpaper etc) – £50
Plasticine – £30
Clay Sculpting Tools (Amazon) – £2.45
Poster Printing – £40
Software – £30

Total = £150

New Realistic Budget List:

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 16.36.46


New Actual Budget List:

Magazine props: £10

Petrol for travel: £25

Pizza: £4

Total: £39


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