361MC – First Edit

I spend approximately a week making the first edit, I started it on my own as I was in Coventry and Kelly was still in Essex, so I done the basic edit, cut all the clips, sorted the sound levels etc. It was a very easy a basic first edit, just to check it all over. I decided to first make a quick, brief edit. I wanted to do this to make sure we had all of the footage we needed and to check the narrative came across how we wanted it to. This way if there was anything we missed or if the narrative didn’t come though correctly, we would have time to re-shoot or change anything we needed too. After our first project failing, I wanted to be sure this wasn’t a fail as well and that we would have time to make the changed, if we needed to. I made sure I was following the script while editing, to make sure I was putting the scenes in the correct order and adding the close ups where they should be too. Following the script also meant the first stage of the editing process was much quicker, compared to if I was just guessing or putting things wherever I wanted them to go.

While watching back all of the footage, I remembered I filmed extras scene on the day of the shoot, just incase we needed. Luckily I did, as the extra scenes were usable and came in handy. I just added them in as extra scenes, which made our film look more substantial.

However, during the first stages of the editing process I did notice some of the mistakes we make. There were wires across the floor from our lights; tripod legs in shot and some of the zooms and tracking shots were jumpy. I tried my best to crop out the wires and tripod legs, but the scenes there were in were just too important and couldn’t be cropped anymore. For example, in the scene where Ryan is looking at himself in the mirror, there is an obvious tripod leg in the bottom right corner of the screen, I have cropped it down as much as I could, but if I were to crop it anymore, I would be cropping his head of legs, which will then be bad framing. So I had no choice but to leave it. This was really disappointing as it was a great shot; just a tiny slip up ruined it. It is defiantly something I should have picked up on, on the day, however it is something I have learnt from and I will always remember in my future professional career. The mistake of jumpy zoom I couldn’t fix. The only thing to do was just to cut them out. There was no other option. I left in the shot just before I zoomed as these were usable, but the zoom itself wasn’t. This was also very disappointing as I thought I had done them okay on the day. But this is another learning curve, which in a way I’m glad I got to experience, as now I have defiantly learnt to watch my footage more carefully on the day, so this doesn’t happen again.


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