361MC – Final Treatment

The story begins with main character Ryan in his bedroom one evening, looking upset and sitting quietly on her bed with his hands in his knees. We pan to see different fitness magazines lying on his bed in the background. Ryan then receives online messages, but chooses to ignore them. We zoom into the computer screen, which shows he has received many comments from other people regarding his looks and weight. It will become clear that this has been an ongoing thing and we will see Ryan get up and walk away from the laptop and begin looking at himself in the mirror. He holds different areas of his body and appears to study them. We will then go to a shot of what he see’s in the mirror, which is somebody much larger staring back at him. We then flip to close up of his face appearing very emotional. We hear the messages continuing to come through on his laptop. Ryan continues to look at himself in the mirror and begins to cry. We then zoom out to a wide shot of his bedroom.

Ryan later goes downstairs and sits down to have dinner with his mother. We will show a close up tracking shot of them eating there dinner, and see that Ryan is not eating his. Ryan looks incredibly uncomfortable and his family wonder why he is not eating his dinner but do not know the true extent of the problem. We show Ryan playing around with her dinner and not being at all interested in eating it. Fade shot to show time has passed and the rest of the family has finished eating. Tracking shot of all of the empty plates on the table as well as Ryan’s full plate. Ryan looks at his family and after making sure nobody is looking she scrapes his food into a bag he has under the dinner table. Close up of Ryan’s face looking very sad and guilty.

Later we see a close up of Ryan’s feet as he walks into the bathroom. He kneels down and places his hands onto the toilet seat. We see his face and a tear is running down his cheek. We then see him from behind whilst he is sick into the toilet. After wiping his mouth he cries heavily. He then sits down on the bathroom floor and continues crying and the shot then fades out.

We then see a close up of Ryan’s feet and a tracking shot upwards onto his body and see his face. His body is dry, crackling and slightly bleeding. We see Ryan shaking as he is so weak and cold despite the layers of clothes he is wearing. Ryan takes out a pen and begins to write a diet plan onto a piece of paper, which states he will eat nothing for breakfast, some cucumber slices for lunch and just a bowl of lettuce for dinner. Ryan finishes writing his list, tilts his head to look at it and smiles and nods as if he is happy about how little he will be eating.

Later, Ryan walks into the kitchen. We see him get himself a glass of water. As he is pouring the water his mum walks up towards him and points at the dinner that is cooking on the stove. Lucy shakes his head as if to say he is not very hungry and walks out of the room. His mum watches him leave, and has a worried look on his face.

Back in his bedroom, Ryan sips the water and then puts it down, gets up and begins to jog on the spot, getting faster and faster. He then begins to do star jumps and other various exercises. We see him take a large breath and look exusted. After sipping a little more water, he goes back to exercising but this time is faster and for a longer time. He suddenly stops and stumbles backwards and cannot keep his balance. We see the room spinning. Ryan tries to hold his head and stop but the room begins spinning faster. Ryan suddenly collapses to the ground and the shot then blacks out.

During the blackout, we hear the sounds of a hospital machine beeping for several seconds. This then slows down and eventually stops, and the sound of a flat line plays over.

We then go to a shot, which indicates it is taking place some time later. Ryan appears in the shot and is sitting in bed at home enjoying a cereal bar.

We then see a later shot of Ryan on the sofa looking on the Internet. Close up to show he is searching therapy groups for anorexia.



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