361MC – Evaluation of the Module

Overall, from this project I believe I have gained some vital professionalism skills for the future. The experience has taught me that not every project you set to complete will go well and work out how you wanted it to. I have learnt how to change an issue around quickly, as we had to change our project quite late on in the process, as our first attempt didn’t work out quite how we planned. We spent a long time planning and creating our animation, so having that fail has taught me not to dwell on the situation and give up, but to instead learn from it, realise why it was unsuccessful and get preparing for what you are going to do next and not waist time.

My professionalism skills and experience from the course is defiantly what kept me going through the entire project. It is what made me carry on when everything was going wrong. Although at times I felt as though I was struggling and my project was going to be unsuccessful, I always remembered to act professional, think about what I should be doing and just get on with it. As that is what a professional Media Producer would do.

I would like to be able to shoot the film again in future and this module hasn’t defiantly taught me how only how to but taught me that I have the skills and knowledge to do so. Next time I would try and be more organised. Although this time it wasn’t planned, so we had to get ourselves organised quickly, next time I want to take more time to organise everything. Also next time I would like a bigger budget. With a bigger budget I could pay for the actors, which I felt bad for not doing this time as they done such as great job for non-professionals, I could spend money on bigger and better props, use more updated equipment such as better lighting, use more equipment in general and I would also like to spend money on hiring a professional editor to help with the editing. Although I enjoy editing, I believe the film would be at its best, if I received this help. My editing skills are very basic, so I would like the opportunity to sit with an editor, as they went through the footage and made the edit it deserves. I would make all of these changes, as I believe that the film would have a stronger outcome and could be more successful.

Additionally, I have enjoyed the module and feel more knowledgeable and educated. I have enjoyed be able to work with a Friend who had the same passion and enthusiasm as myself and being able to work with a friend on my final project has given my greater understanding and experience in working with others. It has also taught me the importance of research and how not doing enough of it, can put your project in jeopardy. This project has taught me the difference ways of researching, why it is so important, what can happen if you do not do enough of it and how you can better the project by completing this research. Working on something which is my own idea from the very beginning and seeing it right through to the end as given me great pride and confidence for my future professional career. The module has given me great professionalism skills, which I look forward to using in my future as a Media Producer.


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