361MC – Evaluation of the Finished Film

I am really happy with the outcome of our finished film. Part of me now feels like a professional Media Producer. When I watch the film back, I can vision everything Kelly and I have been through from the start of this project to now, and I am happy that we overcame it all and that all of our hard work had paid off.

When I watch the finished film, I still do see all of the mistakes we made and things we should have done differently, but knowing I have learnt from those mistakes and I’m going to use them as learning experience and take them forward into my professional career. This makes the mistakes much easier to view. Although there are some changes I would like to make to the finished final, I wouldn’t change anything of the experience that Kelly and I went through, as I have learnt so much from it all and can now make sure I do not repeat those mistakes in the future.

The narrative came across exactly how we wanted to tell it. The aim of our film was to shock people but educate them at the same time and I think that is truly what our film does. We wanted a film that teenager would talk to their friends about and post it on their social networking pages. This is the type of promotion we wanted our film to have and I really think we will achieve this with how the film has turned out.


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