361MC – Catalogue and Poster

I found that it was hard to choose 4 images for the catalogue, as they would only be screenshots from what I have edited so far. I went with one image of him looking in the mirror with his shirt up, on the bathroom floor, sitting on his bed looking upset and looking at himself in the mirror before his work out. I chose these images as I thought they showed aspects of the story. For each picture I brightened it up, added some contrast, lifted the shadows and colour correcting. I then blurred the outside of the image and sharpened the focus point, so the audience new what to look at and what the important aspect of the image is. However, I changed my mind on the image where he is looking in the mirror with his top up, as I thought it looked more emotional and effective in black and white.

Bed image edit2 Pic edit 3 Pic edit 2 Pic edit 1

Next I had to write a 100-word bio for the catalogue page. Before I done this, I new I didn’t want to give away the ending and the outcome of the film. By doing this I will be keeping the audience interested and wanting to know more. I also wanted to emphasis that fact that the film is about his journey, how he coped with the condition, the symptoms etc.


‘The Pain of Being Thin tells the journey of a young boy, bullied for not being a ‘real man’. After receiving messages from boys in school, telling me he’s ‘too skinny’ and how girls like boys with muscles, Ryan stops eating and starts trying to bulk up. Constantly exercising, protein shakes and a strict diet is what he thinks he needs to do to become a ‘real man’ and get a girlfriend. Not realising the effect it is having on his body, he soon becomes extremely unwell. But will he realise and make a full recovery?



I have never been very confident with designing poster. However, I thought that our film poster should only be a tease for the film. The text should be a brief bio which only gives the viewer the basic topic of the film and should tease the audience into watching the film. The images should be stills from the film, showing what is said in the bio. The poster should also tell the audience the name of the film, who directed it, who stares in it and when it is out.


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