361MC – Anorexia Research

Anorexia Research: 

– I looked at some anorexia forums. Girls telling their stories about what they had been through, how they felt etc

– I got inspiration for the story from some of these girls’ experience

– I used these sites to contact some of the girls, asking if they would meet with Kelly and I to help us with our research. By them telling their story and us getting a true understanding of anorexia, our character and her symptoms will be accurate.


When I looked in the mirror, a mound of blubber stared back’ – This quote gave me inspiration for some of the scenes, mirror scene etc.



‘I couldn’t socialise because I was too body-conscious. So I hardly had any friends and became reclusive.’

“Girls my age were talking about fashion, boys and their first kiss but I was worrying about how many calories I’d had. It was no life and I was desperately unhappy.” – http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/real-life-stories/anorexia-stories-battle-started-10-2089989


http://www.marieclaire.com/health-fitness/news/a5577/true-story-coping-with-anorexia/ – emotional story, lots of inspiration.


People stories/ forums: 





  • Lie about what they have eaten/ pretend they have already eaten
  • Often leave the table after they have eaten to be sick
  • Take locatives
  • Weighting themselves
  • Look yellow, jaundice
  • Bad breath
  • No energy
  • Hair loss, dry skin, bad skin
  • One of the leading causes of mental health related deaths, because of the effects of male nutrition or suicide





Type of anorexia:

We will need to decide which type of anorexia our character will have. There are two types; restricting type and the purging type. The restricting type is when someone cuts their amount of calories to achieve their weight loss, where as the purging type is when someone vomits after eating and takes laxatives.


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