361MC – Animation Shooting


Day1 – Kitchen Scene

Day2 – Bathroom and bedroom. Girl kept breaking

Day 3 – This morning I sent what we have completed so far to Mez, to receive some feedback on how we were doing. She said technically it needed some work as objects, such as the table, were moving and at some point the story wasn’t clear. This did make me feel slightly down as Kelly and I had worked hard so far, but now we were going to have to work harder and reshoot to get our film to be perfect.

Day 4 – Set plans and ideas to use to the rest of our time and productively as we could. Which scenes first, in which order, lighting, sticking everything down etc.

Day 5 – Hospital Scene, Scales, bathroom sick

Days 6 – spend the morning re-modeling girl and fixing kitchen set. Filmed Bedroom, first scene

Days 7 – Re model the girl, again! We made bruises on her legs, as this is one of the side effects from anorexia. We wanted to audience to get the idea she had them from her excessive exercising. Shot the rest of the bedroom scenes (exercising, her fainting)

Day 8 – We received back feedback from Mez (she looked bad, could tell the story) This put us on a downer for the morning, as we were nearly finished and thought it looked good. So to receive such bad feedback at this stage left us slightly downhearted. That afternoon we filmed the kitchen scenes as planned, however I don’t feel we put as much effort into it, due to how we were feeling. At the end of the day, we

Day 9 – Sound


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