361MC – Animation FMP Blogs


Where the ideas came from:

  • We wanted to do something meaningful. We could have just done a love story or event, but Kelly and I wanted to do something with a purpose. To make a difference and raise awareness.
  • How they were informed by a wider context (other filmmakers,

– Ways our proposal developed

– Reflections upon the reasons for those developments

  • Project management carried out
  • Production documentation, complete and systematically organised (outline, treatment, script, storyboard, recce notes, production schedules, call sheets etc.)
  • Ways the project has developed, with reasons why for those developments
  • Ways in which the initial idea became a finished media production


Contextual research:

  • Research carried out; analysis and critical reflection of your work and the work of other people producing in the same field
  • Personal and Professional engagement in the work of people within your chosen community of practice. Through a detailed understanding of the themes, issues and debates happening within it
  • Reflection of how this engagement has enabled the project to develop


Production Process:

  • Research carried out around the specific craft skills that you intent to pursue
  • What professionals in the field do, what equipment they use, how they develop the skills needed to use it to a professional level etc.
  • Personal and professional skills development, through, for example the inclusion of developmental work on your blog (test shoots, production documentation etc.)

– Ways in which my film exhibits creativity and originally (technically, conceptually, in its manner of distribution etc.) by reference to similar media artifacts.


Script Draft 1: rough, we wanted to write the basic of what happens in the narrative, so we could get some feedback from Mez. So when we had the feedback, we could make all the changes she might suggest, then write the script more in depth.

Feedback– we send the first draft to Mez for some feedback.

Set design: started to make the sets ourselves, out of cardboard boxes, put the wallpaper and flooring down. Then a student from the Product Design course agreed to make the frame of the sets for us out of wood. Although it was very last minute, we were very thankful, as it meant we would have confidence the sets would break or bend. It did mean we had to buy more wallpaper, flooring etc., but it would be worth it in the long run. So we had to start our set making five days before filming.

Software: We had a tutorial with Becks, where she showed us EOS Utility. I had never heard of it before, so finding out that we could control the camera through the laptop was relieving. However, it did mean that we wouldn’t be able to see what we were shooting until we downloaded them at the end. Also we would not be able to have the ‘Onion Skinning’ technique, which I would prefer to have.

So the next two days, I spent my time looking for good and free software, which we could use.


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