360MC – Trailer Critical Evaluation

The most effective trailers are the ones that stick in the audiences mind. The ones that they remember, that they get excited about, leaves them wanting more, remember the name of and tell their friends about are the most successful trailers. These are the reason why trailers are made. A trailer includes snippets of the film. The filmmakers don’t want to give to much of the storyline away, so they show the exciting parts of the film in clips, to also excite the audience.

I wanted to make a trailer that is catchy and interesting for the reasons above. I want it to be successful. I have found that making the trailer was much harder then I anticipated. I had to thoughtfully select the clips I wanted to include, as the clips have to be perfect to show the film in right way and give enough across to the audience about the narrative, without giving too much away. Once I selected the clips, I then wanted to edit the clips so they start at a slow, normal pace, then increase and get more exciting and edgy as the trailer goes on. I thought this would be a good way to get the audience’s attention and for them to remember it. I also edited it this way as I thought I would be a good way to attract my target audience of teenagers. The music also plays a big part in a trailer. The right music can take your trailer from being dull and boring, too exciting and catchy. I decided to use the same music from my film, as I thought this is what suited best.


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