361MC – Shooting

A couple of days before we planned to film, our actress said she was unwell. So we made the decision to postponed until 4 days later to give her time to rest. This did slightly worry me as it was a number of days lost, but I would rather keep her happy and well on the day. It was lucky we didn’t plan to shoot that day, as Kelly’s circumstances change and had her baby that same day. Luckily we had the equipment booked out for another 11 days, so as long as she is well, it will work out and all come together. These things happen in life, so it is defiantly something to learn from and work around, which will prepare me for the future. I think during this time I kept professional, as I gave Kelly the time she needed, and then arranged a day for the following week to shoot. I also kept calm about the whole situation. In the mean time while I waited for Kelly’s recovery, I completed some more research into anorexia and short films, not only to keep myself busy, but also to further my knowledge and understanding. I also checked over our script, shoot list and production schedule to make sure we hadn’t missed anything out and to check we were completely organised for the day of the shoot. I also took this time to buy our props and food for the actors.

Arrived on location at 10am. Straight away I started to unpack and set up the equipment. I wanted to get started straight away and not waste anytime. We wanted to get the filming done in one day, so we needed to be organised. We planned to shoot in a non-linear way. We shoot room by room, as we thought this would be easiest and the most practical way of filming. Going from room to room, up and down stairs with all of the equipment would not only be a struggle for us, but also we a waist in time. So we thought it would be more professional to film in this way.

We arranged for our male actor, Ed, to arrive an hour after us. This was so we had time set up, get prepared and it is the professional thing to do. When Ed arrived, he was eager to get started, which was great. We went through the plan for the day and he we were going to be working, before heading straight to the first location to get started.

The filming went really well, each scene we done about two or three takes just to make sure we got one good enough. Although we were always watching them back, we thought that getting a couple of shots for each scene, would be more practical and better in the long run so we could pick the better one. Also during the day, I was keeping an eye on the continuity through out the day, as this is something that is difficult, is possible to fix during editing.

About half way through the day, our actress Sharon arrived. While Ed took a break, we did the same with Sharon and went through the plan of action and what we needed her to do. Although she was nervous, Sharon was looking forward to it. Although she had the least experience, Sharon took to the part really well and we could see her and Ed acted well together.

Altogether, Kelly and I were really happy with the days filming. We followed the script, section by section, crossing off each scene we shot and were happy with. This helped our organisation and made sure we shot everything we needed to. I was worried about missing scenes that were important to the narrative, so crossing off everything as we went along, was important and showed my professionalism skills.

On the day it didn’t seem that much went wrong. Although I still didn’t feel 100% prepared, I think we worked through it and got everything we needed. On the day, the only problem we faced was that one of our lights didn’t work which we booked out from the loan shop. This was slightly my fault, as I didn’t check the equipment when I took it out, however we managed without it and was able to set up our lighting with just two lights. Is it something I have defiantly learnt from, as it is a problem we shouldn’t have faced, if only I had checked the equipment before hand. Learning from the mistake, increase my professionalism and is something I can take with me after my University course.

FMP behind pics img_3984 img_3985 img_3983 img_3981 img_3980 img_3977 img_3975 img_3973 img_3972 img_3971 img_3969 img_3968 img_3153


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