A304MC – Lesson Plans

A great mentor will come up with lesson plans. Before starting our mentoring sessions, Fiona and I came up with some lesson plans. We thought back to when we started in the TV studio and how we learnt to use everything and came up with our schedule from that. It was important to come up with lesson plans so you know what you’re teaching them for the full hour. We will need to be prepared so our mentees trust us and know we are organised.

3rd March:

  • Introduce ourselves, talk about our experience, the importance of attending each week and working as a team.
  • Discuss how the TV studio works, the technical side, equipment etc. The different roles within the TV studio, what each role involves.
  • Let me have a go on a role and see how they get on, change roles if there is enough time.
  • General health and safety

10th March:

  • Let them pick a role, get them to rotate at least 2 or 3 times
  • Rotate the room the make sure each person understands the role they’re trying. Tell them what the role involves, what they do when recording etc.
  • Team building exercise

17th March:

  • Turning on the studio and gallery without any help, time them and let it be a competition between each group, so they want to do it as quickly as possible. This will teach them not to waste time when setting up and how quick it can be done.
  • Tell them that after Easter they will need to book out the equipment themselves. Once they decide who their producer is, then that person is responsible for booking the equipment and studio out for rehearsal.
  • In depth health and safety. Demonstrate how wires should be wrapped, how cables should be taped to the floor and how they should use the ladder. Show each one then get them to practice it themselves.

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