A304MC – Mentoring Session Three


Todays session started with a little competition. We want each group to be timed setting up the studio, to see who is the quickest. The quickest group at the end of the module, will receive a prize. We thought this would be a good idea, as it will show the students how quickly it can be done, so they do not waste time during rehearsals. Making it a competition would also encourage them to work quickly.

This weeks session was based around the importance of health and safety within the TV studio. The studio can be a dangerous place to work if you do not know about the potential risks. Fiona and I would demonstrate each health and safety astbritute, before getting the student to practice it themselves.  These involved how to correctly gather cables, how to tape the cables to the floor and how to correctly use the ladder. During each demonstration we gave, Fiona and I also told them the incorrect way of doing these things, why they were dangerous and what could happen if you do not do them properly. We got the students to practice the exercises themselves, so it is another way of teaching, as some students learn better this way and because it would keep them interested.

IMG_7230 IMG_7231IMG_7231


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