A304MC – Mentoring Session Two


We began each lesson with a group exercise, to help build their team work and connect with one another. They had to get into pairs and tell one another a story about a bad experience which has happened to them. It didn’t have to be anything personal and could have been from last week or 10 years ago. They then had to explain how that experience came to good and how they learnt from it. After a couple of minutes, they would share a couple with the rest of the group. The idea of the exercise is to see that although sometimes bad things happen, you can turn them around into something good and they should keep that in mind during this module.

For the rest of the session, they chose a role, completed a quick run through, then change to do something different. The idea is to let the students have a run through doing as many roles as they can, to understand what each role entails and its responsibilities. Each student had a try on at least 3 or 4 different roles, however during the last groups session, the sound between the studio and gallery stopped working, so while Becks was sorting this, Fiona and I had to continue the run throughs without sound. This was quite difficult, but it was an opportunity for us to tell them what to do in this situation and how to resolve it. At the end of each session, the students would write on their groups board a role which the didn’t want to do, as it is much easier to decide what you wouldn’t want to do, rather than what you would. Especially if they haven’t had a go at each role yet.

Overall, I really enjoyed the sessions. I was able to work with all of the students in the gallery and studio, to tell them about the different roles available. It was a very active session which the students also enjoyed and I had a good opportunity to pass on my knowledge.

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