A304MC – Task 4

1.  Write up a Mentor’s code of conduct that is specific to your peer mentoring sessions.

•I promise to do the best of my ability
•To further the skills and knowledge of my mentees
•To create a positive learning environment


2.  What is the purpose of having this code of conduct?

The purpose of having this code of conduct, is to read over before and after each session, to make sure you are sticking to it to be the best mentor you can.

3.  What health and safety considerations have you considered for working in the TV studio.

The health and safety considerations I have thought about include;

– Lights. The students will need a ‘grown up’ in the room go up the ladder to move the lights. They will also always need to wear gloves, as the lights get extremely hot and will burn you. Always not sure the ‘stick’ to move the lights without someone in the room. The lights could easily break or smash, which will cause harm.

– Wires. We will need to be sure all of the wires are taped down to the floor at all times, so no one till trip over them, on knock over the cameras if they get caught on them.

– No food or drink in the studio or gallery. Drinks could easily be spilt over equipment or on the floor and not be cleaned up properly. This could lead to someone having a shock or slip on the wet floor, so all food or drink should be kept in the green room area.


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