A304MC – Task 3

Write up a blog post on suggesting at least 5 ideas that you think will ensure you run good mentoring sessions

The 5 things I will do, to make sure my mentoring sessions run well, will include;

– Attend each session and be on time or early. Never cancel.

– Always try to explain information or tasks as well as I can, so they find it easy to understand and follow. Give them a chance to ask any questions about what they have to do before doing it.

– Spend the full, allotted time with the mentee. Don’t go off doing other personal things, spend all the time possible with them.

– I will always try to give balanced feedback. If there is a task they had done wrong or could have done better, I will sandwich it between two other bits of good feedback. This will encourage them and not leave them just thinking about the bad feedback.

– Always listen. Listen to any question or queries the mentee might have. Always give the best answer I can. If I do not know the answer, I will be honest and say I do not know the answer but will find out for them and let them know as soon as possible.



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