A304MC – Task 2

Write a blog post on today’s session – consider what you have learnt about “bad mentoring” and how to communicate well.


Today I have learnt about ‘bad mentoring’. Last week I learnt what a mentor does, so it was good to learn what a mentor shouldn’t do. This things include;

1. Don’t make your mentee feel unwelcome or awkward. You want them to feel comfortable around you, so they can confidently tell you if there is something they don’t understand etc.

2. Do not overload your mentee with information. It will be a lot for them to take it and they will feel overwhelmed. It could also make them feel nervous about what they are learning.

3. Always make time for your mentee. One of the worst things to do will be to rush through things with your mentee, it won’t help them learn anything.

4. Do not cancel sessions with your mentee. Everyone of them matters and goes towards your mentees success. Cancelling sessions could affect the hard work they have put in so far.

5. Not listening to you mentee. They could be talking about something which is important to them, so you want to always be listening so you can give the best answer you can. If you do not listen, you could give incorrect information.

6. Do not discourage your mentee, they will need encouragement to carry on with their learning and gain confidence in what they are doing. Always try give balanced feedback. Giving good feedback before and after critisted feedback, will usually leave the mentee feeling good about their work, rather than them constantly thinking about the bad feedback, which could leave them feeling down about their work.

How to communicate well:

  • 1. Listen
  • 2. Breathe
  • 3. Say “I”
  • 4. Avoid judgement, blame, denial of responsibility
  • 5. Separate facts from opinion
  • 6. Be aware of emotions
  • 7. Be aware of needs and values
  • 8. Ask for what you want
  • 9. Be aware of body language
  • 10. Be aware of individual and cultural difference



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