A304MC – Mentoring Session One

Mentoring Record template

My first mentoring session went really well. I came out feeling that I done the best I could and made a difference. I was happy that Becks was there too, otherwise I would have felt over my head going into it on my own in the first session. Becks lead the class telling them about the health and safety, what they were going to be doing etc. But got Fiona and I to introduce ourselves and tell them about our experiences in the TV studio. We told them about the importance of working in a team and how it can affect your work, but mostly told them they will enjoy it. After that Becks let them chose a role they wanted to try out. While Becks was in the studio teaching them about the roles in there, I taught the roles in the studio to the students who wanted to try out roles in the studio. I taught the Floor manager how important their roles is, that they’re in the link between the studio and gallery. I taught them how to count down to the show, how to signal the presenters, that they’re responsible for getting the presenters prepared etc. Always I taught the camera crew how to focus their camera, that they should always listen to the direct and do what he/she wants, to keep their camera still if it is being ‘queued’ and to always give the director different shots, so keep moving when they can. The presenters job was the most simple, yet hardworking at the same time. All they have to do is read from the auto queue, but keep up with the camera changes. While we done some run throughs, I stood beside the floor manager, listening to what the director was saying and giving step by step guidance to the floor manager, telling them what they should be doing next and what things meant. By the third run through, she understood what she had to do and I could take a step back to watch. I think I was able to explain things easily about what each role had to do.

During the second half, I was in the gallery. There was a lot of students, so while Becks was helping one person, I would be helping the others. I was talking the director through what he had to say to start the show, ‘stand by studio ..’ etc. We practised it a number of time before doing it for real. The student of the Vision Mixing Desk was getting confused quite a lot, so I sat with him and slowly went through each section of what he had to do. Once I explained it he said it was actually quite simple, so I done a run through with him, as if i was the director, telling him which cameras to ‘queue’ and ‘take’ and he soon got the hang of it.


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