A304MC – Task 1

  1. Describe how you are feeling about becoming a student mentor and what you are hoping to gain from the experience.

I am really looking forward to becoming a student mentor. I enjoyed meeting the mentors I have in first year, so it will be good to reverse the roles. I am hoping to gain more studio knowledge, confidence, being able to speak in public and pass my knowledge onto the first years.


  1.   Use the grid below to help you consider how you would cope in a mentoring situation today. Write a paragraph with examples of your strengths. Then consider how you will improve on your weaker areas.

My strengths include; reliability,  non judgmental, friendly/ approachable, punctual and organisation. I know I have these skills as my attendance in Uni is quite high and I am always on time. Also at home and in general I am an organised person, have lots of friends and do not judge people.

I need to improve speaking in public and my self confidence. Although I am confident in the TV studio whilst working, I don’t think i’ll be confident with teaching it to new students who might not know anything at all.


  1.  Consider the lecture today and write a paragraph describing the characteristics of a “bad mentor”

A bad mentor will always be late or not show up on time, not know much about the subject they are teaching, not be very enthusiastic, they won’t set tasks or challenges for their mentee, they will judge you and not help you feel like you are doing well, they will just tell you what you want to hear and they will be unorganised.


  1.  Post a picture on your blog that you think sums up what you think the mentoring experience should be like and say why.


I think this picture sums up the mentoring experience. When I was growing up, my big sister was my mentor, she taught me things in life which I needed to know, taught me right from wrong and gave me the confidence to do well. I think this will be the impression we make on the first years.

Dealing with stress/ pressure YES
Self-confident  YES
Good at putting people at ease YES
Reliable YES
Non-judgmental YES
Approachable and friendly  YES
Good at speaking in public  YES
TV studio knowledge YES
Punctual/ Good time-keeper YES
Organised/ Good at preparation  YES
Adaptable and open-minded YES
Honest  YES



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