We have been contacting lecturers and students from the product design region, to potentially have a lesson in clay making. We want our characters to look as real and professional as we can, so a lesson in Claymation will really help when it comes to making our characters.

Our film will have quite a dark and gloomy tone to it. Although at the beginning it will start bright and happy, when you see her deterioration, the lighting will change to create an aphotic atmosphere. The look of our film will change as Lucy deteriorates, however the end will be brighter and more vivid.

I have inspiration for my film from sources such as Disneys Pixar. Pixar was founded in 1986, founded by Edwin Catmull and each one of the fourteen feature films they have produced, each one gains a higher audience rating then the last. Their films range from ‘feel good’ to ’emotional’ and cover many different subject matters.

We will be using our creative skills to design a typical teenage girls bedroom. We will be concentrating on the props Lucy has in her bedroom, as it will be these that help tell the story. These props will include posters on the wall of ‘skinny models’ and ‘keep fit’ posters. She will so keep a large mirror and exercise equipment in her bedroom, which she will look into every day and use the equipment to excessively exercise.

We will be using various camera shots and lighting to create the mood during our film. For example, we will use different depths of field to show our protagonist and the props or other characters in the background, shots like these will help tell our story. Also gloomy and shadowed lighting will help tell the audience about her dark mood. We will start the film using well light shots, but as time goes on and she deteriorates, the lighting will also change to go duller. This will help tell the audience how they should be feeling. We also plan to do this with the music. It will start quite joyful, and then turn jumpy and sad towards the end.

We are going to be shooting in 20 frames per second. This will be a total of 3,600 shots for a three-minute film. Shooting using 20 frames per second means we will need to shot a minimum of 257 shots per day. Kelly and I have already agreed, that the best way to produce our film would be to take turns with filming. For half a day, one of us will be moving the clay characters and props while the other person shoots, and then swap around half way through the day. This way, we would be producing the best piece of work we can, as neither of us would get bored or tired. Likewise, we will both be having the same amount of input and sharing responsibilities.

We are planning to edit on Premiere, as this is the software we work best on, however this may change later on in the pre production stages, depending if we were to make any changes in the way we are shooting. We are planning some test shoots the week before our scheduled shoot, therefore it will be determined at that point if Premiere is our definite editing software.




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