Kelly and I have created a strict schedule, covering what we will be doing each day until the first filming day, what will happen each day of filming, minimum number of shots each day to stay on target and how long the post production and editing will take. We have tried to be as realist as possible, although due to previous experience, we know sometimes there are last minute changes which could slightly change our schedule, however we will try our best to work around any hiccups which may occur to stay on schedule.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 19.23.41 Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 19.23.30

We have already started to order and purchase the goods we will need to create our sets and characters. We have found that Ebay is the cheapest for our products, however it is slightly risky, as we don’t know 100% what we will be getting and what it will look like.

The budget for our film will be £300. We have logically worked out the average prices of what we will be able to spend to make our film the best it can be. This price will cover the costs of;

  • Wooden mannequins x3 (Ebay) – £16.40
  • Character Clothes – £15
  • Facial features (eyes) (Amazon) – £1.33
  • Set props (bed, table, mirror, desk, chairs, carpet, wallpaper etc.) – £50
  • Plasticine – £30
  • Clay Sculpting Tools (Amazon) – £2.45
  • Poster Printing – £40
  • Software – £30

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If there is money left over at the end of filming, we will use this money to cover the cost of festival entry as Kelly and I are very ambitious and think our film will make a great impact; therefore we will be entering into as many film festivals as we can. We will still keep fundraising and asking for donations throughout the filming and post-production of the film. We have already started to order and purchase the goods we will need to create our sets and characters. We have found that Ebay is the cheapest for our products, however it is slightly risky, as we don’t know 100% what we will be getting and what it will look like. We will not be cutting any corners with the quality of the goods we buy; however if we are able to gain items for me, this will be in our favor.

We will be doing some basic fundraising for our project, to help fund for our set, props, clay etc. This will include a bake sale, bagging at the supermarket and a raffle. We will also be setting up an ‘Indiegogo’ page where our friends, family and others supporting the film will be able to donate towards our project. We will be posting the link to the donation page on the films Facebook page, our personal social networking pages and on forums for the eating disorder.

I believe I am the right person to be making this film, as I am extremely passionate about raising awareness for Anorexia and bullying. They are both awful issues which affect a lot of people each year and that number is rising. Due to my passionate connection with the film, I will do my best to portray the issues in the right way, for the audience to connect with them emotionally and think about people they may know going through them. I also think I am the right person to make this film, as I believe I have creative skills to keep the audience interested throughout the film and keep them wanting more. I also have previous knowledge of animation, so I will be using this knowledge to create it as best I can and tell the story well. I will be using this past experience to make sure to production runs smoothly.

Kelly and I plan to make our own sound effects for the film. This includes eating noises, vomiting, crying etc. By creating these ourselves, we will truly be able to get the sounds we want, get them instantly and we will have money within the budget so we wouldn’t have to pay for them. Nearly the time of shooting, we plan to contact music students to see if it is possible to collaborate with them. By contacting them, we will be creating a unique, copyright free piece of music. We will tell them what our film is about, tell when the type of music we would lie and give them our script and see what they can come up with. We will either offer them payment for their time and creativity or offer them our help if they ever need it in the future. Although this is the easier route to take, it will also mean that we won’t have much control over what they do, which means it could be a waste of valuable time if they create something which isn’t quite right.

As a Media Producer, I have a duty of care to protect the audience and general public from any ethical issues, which may be found in this film. We want this film to connect to people emotionally, but not to offend or patronize. Not only do we have our own reputation to think off, but also the Universities too. So it is important that we do not offend and make our film tasteful. I will be approaching the film with sensitivity and an ethical concept, to be sure not to offend anyone with an eating disorder.

Due to the fact we won’t be shooting in a location that is our own property, do not include any child, pets or actors in our film and hold any artist work created by another person, we therefore will not have to complete any of the necessary paperwork for these things. Furthermore, there is still fundamental paperwork we will need to fill out, which will be one of our priorities before filming. This paperwork includes forms for Ethics, Permission and Copyright.

Kelly and myself will be filling out a healthy and safety hazard form. As we are filming at our house, in our spacious living room, we will need to make sure we keep it safe for our housemates and ourselves. We will start by blocking off the living area to everyone for the duration of filming. This is not only to disturb our set, but to sure no one gets hurt. As we set up our location for the shot, Kelly and I will remove all unnecessary items from the living area, make sure our set is safely secured on to the table, set up and tripod in a safe place, make sure all legs are equally balanced on the floor, tape down all wires so no one trips over them and only turn the lights on when they are in use so they do not get too hot. We will also use gloves if we need to move the lights, so we do not burn our hands.


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