The core target audience for ‘The Pain to be Thin’ is young teenage girls, specifically ages between 12 and 19. We’re going to aim to this group in particular, as Kelly and I predict that young girls who are going through similar experiences, will connect emotionally to the main character or if the viewer knows another person who is going through these experiences, it will help them help that person. Furthermore, it will also raise awareness to teenage girls about the eating disorder and mental health condition.

Our secondary target audience is the parents of these young girls. Our research has told us that, in many cases, the parents do not understand the disorder. If their child stops eating, they think they’re showing off or craving attention, so they try force their child to eat. This makes the sufferer worse. If the parents and older generation have a greater knowledge about the condition, they will know what to look out for in the future and try stop it from happening in the first place.

We will be finding our audience by promoting our film on the eating disorder forums and social networking sites we researched. The film will be free to watch by everyone; therefore we will be distributing it to social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, Newspapers, Magazines, Schools, Colleges and Universities. We will email the department in charge of promotions and advertisement in each of these sectors, to ask them to post our trailer of their websites and make their viewers aware of our film. I am certain we will find our audience this way, as also all teenage girls are on social media, reading magazines and are in education to see our promotions. I am also trusting that the girls who view the film, will also tell and show it to their parents, who will tell other parents, etc. Also parents will see it in Newspapers and Magazines, as well as the social networking sites, if they use them.

Our film isn’t for the audience’s pleasure or entertainment, but to send a message to the people unaware of the eating disorder. Anorexia is an issue in most countries across the country, especially the UK and America. This is why Kelly and I have decided to make our film accessible to everyone around the country, free of charge. By doing this, we hope our film will go international and connect to a wider audience. We will be relying on donations from members of the public to help towards to the cost of filming as well as for promotional uses once filming is completed.

The press will want to write about my project, as it is different to anything else in the media environment today. They will potentially be writing about the impact our film has made on the audience. If they were to write articles about me, I am hoping it would be able my passion for the topic and my hope it will be watched internationally, to help people with the illness. In recent years, there have been partitions in the news to stop the size zero models; so far this hasn’t entirely made much of a difference. However, I think our approach will grab the audience’s attention, by capturing them emotionally.

‘The Pain to be Thin’ will be different and original as there is not a known film out there like this. I evident this in the research I have undertaken. Our film is an educational stop motion animation, which is created to make a difference and raise awareness about Anorexia. There are many films and TV series, which are fictional, stories about anorexia, but none are like our idea. Documentaries are usually made to raise awareness about a certain topic, however most of the ones I have watched are similar to each other, we hope ours will stand out from the rest.


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