In conclusion, I am very excited to create our stop motion animation ‘The pain of being thin’. I believe that if we distribute and promote the film correctly and to be best of our ability, to reach our target audience, our film can truly raise awareness and make a difference. Not only are we passionate about animation itself, but also we are just a passionate about our subject matter and think that our film has the ability to reach a wide audience and make a difference to increase the public’s knowledge of our issues raised. These are just a few of the films good points. To make our film perfect, Kelly and I will need to work on making sure the audience understand what is happening and feel our characters emotion. To do this, we will take great time and care with writing a script and rewriting as many times as it needs to be to make it perfect. Our aim is not to make an entertainment piece, but to make a difference and I truly believe we can do this. The thought of making something meaningful, which could make a difference to just one persons life is what is keeping me motivated throughout this project.



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