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360MC Task 5 – For Submission

Treatment Draft 1:

Fred has always felt alone. He didn’t have any friends in school. He was bullied for his glasses and braces. During P.E lessons, Fred would hide in the library to be stop the other children making fun of him for not being good at sports. His home life wasn’t too great either. His dad left when he was 6, so his mum had to raise him alone. He didn’t have any siblings he could turn to either. Fred’s mother had many problems. She drank a bottle of vodka a day and had different men in and out of the house. Nights when Fred was trying to do his homework, he would hear the noises of his mother having sex in the next room.

He is now 25. His mum passed away  from alcoholism and drug overdose two years ago. Since that day he found her, Fred hardly been out of the house and is struggling to pay the bills. He spends his days smoking drugs to help him cope with his depression.

One day when walking home from the shop, Fred sees a girl who bullied him in school. He stops and just watches her walk down the street. Voices from his childhood ring in his ears, her voice repeats, calling him names, childrens laughter and whispering. He puts his hands to his head and shakes it vigorously, trying to stop the noises. He looks back up to see the girl, but as her 14 year old self. The voices stop. He looks down and closes his eyes with confusion.



360MC Narrative Brainstorm – For Submission


  • You never see his mothers face
  • Shots from his face to girl, then back to him, then back to her but she is her 14 year old self, that bullied him in school. Voice over of childrens laughter and her being horrible
  • Dept letters on the doorstep to show he is in debt


Fred –

  • Bullied in school
  • Wasn’t good at sports
  • Good at maths and science
  • Wanted to become a doctor
  • Cares for his mother but she doesn’t care for him
  • After A Levels he applied for Uni, but his mum got sick so he didn’t go



Drama – ‘Overcoming a monster’ (he is the monster) and ‘rebirth’ (you see his change)

360MC: Animation idea Notes – For Submission

FMP / Artefacts:

  • Pouring water
  • Dancing / Jumping Stop Motion – barbie/ lego –
  • Short film of idea
  • Human animation
  • Flip book (drawings)

Storyline Ideas

  • Stripper killed by stalker
  • Animated music video

Things to remember: 

  • Sounds effects
  • Set design / people making
  • Software?
  • Clicker thing
  • Skills with Bex about animation (best way to do it etc)
  • 24 frames per second (2,880 pictures for 2 minutes of film)
  • 2 pictures taken
  • SD Card memory



I found this on Google. Watched it for insertion. Although the videos are way above my techniquals

Top 10 stop-motion animated movies – 

 Laura Douglas: