360MC: Process and Development – For Submission

I have enjoyed completing the process and development I have done so far towards my final media project. Developing my ideas and gaining some inspiration, have resulted in me being very excited about the work I still am yet to do and creating my FMP.

One of my sources of inspiration was then I watched the 2012 film, ‘Cyberstalker’. It has the same stalker theme as my FMP, except the narrative is slightly different, as someone online stalks the girl. It was this film that inspired me to come up with some of the ideas for our film. Also, watching this film has taught me more about the techniques used to show the theme of stalking.

I have developed my idea over a number of weeks. Every other day I would read over the treatment I have written and make slight adjustments. If there were something I didn’t like or wanted to add, I would make the changes. Kelly and I would also sit down together and talk about the ideas we both had. We seemed to be very compatible; we liked one an others ideas and develop them together.

I have also created artefacts for my FMP. In the first one I wanted to show the Stalker theme and drama genre. I filmed what I will be some of the scenes of Fred starting to follow Stacey. Filming these scenes shows the audience and myself what shots and techniques I will be using for my film.

So far, I have undertaken some research by watching a number of films, short films and documentaries. By watching these, I was able to expand on ideas for my FMP. I wrote a brief treatment, which helped me decide where I wanted the story to go and what should happen. I also then wrote a character profile for my main character ‘Fred’. Writing this helped me get a clearer understanding of his personality and characteristics. I then did some research by reading and watching short films about depression, drugs and alcohol. Learning how a person with these problems acts day to day will help me write my script and learn more about the character.

Overall, I am happy with the progress I have made so far. I feel that if I keep going with how I am working, then my FMP and blogs will be up to a good standard come the final hand in. Also the progress I have made with preparing my FMP, such as writing the treatment, brainstorming ideas and working with Kelly has been have successful and fulfilling. Next, Kelly and I will soon be writing our script and searching for actors. This is when it all starts to feel real and when the pressure really starts.


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