360MC: Primary and Secondary Research – For Submission

As part of my research I have watched a variety of films, short films and documentaries. All based around the same theme as mine including stalking, drugs, alcoholism and depression.

I watch the 2007 film ‘Alone with her’, staring Colin Hanks, which is based on a male stalking the filming by setting up spy cameras in her house. Watching this film was a good research piece, as I tought me how the girl should react when she notices she is being stalked, also how the male changes throughout the film when he gets closer to victim.

I have been looking at other media sources such as News articles, TV shows/ documentaries and books to research for my film. I have mostly been looking at drugs, depression and alcohol, as I think learning about these topics will help me understand my character more. I will know more about his mental health, his needs and personality. ‘ 1 in 4 people will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year’ (1) Some of the research I have undertaken, has told me that more men are involved with drugs in the UK then women. ‘The research estimates that, for the year 2010-11, there were 298,752 opiate and crack cocaine users in England’ (2). I have also researched the effects drugs and alcohol can cause, long term and short term. Knowing what they cause gives me the knowledge of how Fred should act and if he was to have any illnesses. As drugs cause paranoia, this gave me the idea of the entire film being just one of his paranoid thoughts/ dreams. The facts and stats that I have looked at are helpful to me, as they show my reasoning for getting my character to do what he does and act how he does. It will also give help to think of a good and clearer ending for my FMP, as I am yet to have one.

This research has helped give my work its substance and integrity as it gives me a more clearing vision of my main character and his mother. My inquiries into these issues have helped me learn about the effects his mothers attitude and treatment towards Fred would have on him. By understanding my main character, it will help the audience connect with my film and it will give emotion.








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