360MC: Context – For Submission

The film has a Stalker theme, as it is based around a guy stalking a girl. It will be in black and white, set in the 21st century.

My film fits into the Drama genre, as it shows the realistic characters dealing with emotion and the development to overcome that emotion.

My film will be set in the 21st century, as I wanted it to be about the present time. I think the issues that are in my film, will be more relevant for this generation and the audience will be bale to connect more with it when it’s the people of today in the film.

The setting will be a number of locations; Fred’s house, the park, Stacey’s house and shops etc. the places he follows her too.

The context of my film included mental illness and drug awareness. As you can see from my other blogs, I have researched this topics and I feel I am now more informed about them. This means my character will be realistic.

My work complies to the past lecture tasks such as ‘Take one Chicken’ as it has taken a subject that I do not know much about, such as depression, drugs etc. and helped me research them. I was able to do this from the chicken task we completed. This also relates back to the sex task. The cliché task has helped me, as I have learnt more and been made aware of typical clichés which I will now stay away from.

My wider reading has taught me about mental health, drugs and other addictions. Completing this reading has helped me understand my character and the reasons as to why he is the way is he and does what he does etc.


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