360MC: Editing Notes – For Submission

36MC Editing:

The cut represents a total and instantaneous replacement off one field of vision with another

Why does editing work?

In the blink of an eye: the blink either something that helps an internal spa ration go thought to take place, or it is an involuntary reflex accompanying the mental separation that is taking place anyway (2001: 60-62)

Walter Murch’s ‘rule of 6’:

  • Rhythm
  • Two-dimenaional plane of screen
  • three-dimensional space of action
  • story
  • emotion
  • eye trace

Real order of importance:

  • 1. Emotion
  • 2. story
  • 3. rhythm
  • 4. eye trace
  • 5. two dimensional plane of screen
  • 6. three-dimensional space of action

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