360MC – Artefact Two – For Submission


For my second artefact, Kelly and I decided to film together but edit separately. By getting more footage then we needed, we thought it could make our artefacts slightly different from one anothers. We wanted to shoot a scene from our film, there the stalker is following the girl. We thought that this could help up practise the shots we wanted to do, be sure there was no dialogue needed, see which lighting we like and see if the storyline worked. Looking back at our artefact now, it is clear we didn’t really have an ending to the artefact, we just got the stalking scenes but no ending. I think we would need to re-shoot before hand in, if either of us wanted to use this as our coursework.

The feedback I was given in the seminar, has left me feeling happy about my artefact but knowing there are some adjustments I could make to improve it. The feedback from my peers included;

Good – nice shots, colouring, left them wanting more, interesting angles that helped tell the story, lighting fit the theme, framed well, stalking theme is clear and they liked how there was no dialogue.

Improvements – use sound effects to help tell the story, clearer narrative, the ending was upclear, music didn’t fit, need eerier music, needs a punchline and left on an awkward cliff-hanger.

Overall I am happy with the feedback I was given. I am going to take the improvments I was given, into account and re edit the artefact. I will change the music to something more creepy and eerie and try edit the film to have a clearer ending. Although I will not have time to reshoot, I hope that editing will make these improvements. If I am going to use this artefact as my hand in film, I will re-shoot to make the ending clearer, give it a punchline and add sound effects.

The feedback Kelly received has helped me too. She was told some shots were too long and at some points it was hard to tell he was a stalker. My feedback was slightly similar, which I agreed with it all.


Original: https://vimeo.com/110867423

Re-edit: https://vimeo.com/112183350



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