360MC: Artefact One – For Submission

My idea for the first artefact is to create an experience video, using stop motion animation with different items.

The items I chose to use were; clay, coins, a person, pen and paper and other objects I could find around the house. I used a mixture of items, including 3D and 2D, to practise all and to discover which I preferred and found easiest to do. Also to see what worked best and looked good on camera.

Clay – Hard, fustrating. took the longest, was falling over then you had to find the same place to put it but it would ruin the video, had to do small movements, kept going out of focus

A human – I think it was the easiest, I could tell her where and when to move, I could just stay by the camera while she made the movements, we discussed what she should do before to make it easier, wasn’t as worried about shadows as i stayed in the same place and she just moved. it was the quickest

2D, pen and paper – I enjoyed it, made me feel creative. I got bored towards the end. Problems with the table moving,

Coins, food wrapper and book – I found it quite easy, the sunlight through the window kept changing the lighting on the table.

Water – I found it easier then I thought I was going to, but I think I would do it better next time by pouring the water slower while taking the frames. However, as it was my first try, I was quite happy with how it turned out.

I found that with all of the small animations I made, I would have been easier if I used a release cable. The cable release would mean I wouldn’t have to touch the camera, which made the camera slightly move and ruin the shot. It would have also meant that it would make moving the objects easier, so I would have to stand right next to the camera.

During the feedback, Mez praised me for doing an experimental video for my first artefact and she said it’s what I should be doing for my first one as animation is so hard. But she advised me to have a narrative for my next artefact, which I agree with.

The rest of the class also gave me feedback;

Good: Nice shots of the moulded man, a good experiment, original idea, interesting perspectives, good music, good range of colours, cereal bar animation worked well, technically well put together, bringing the images to life was great

Improvements: A closer frame, angles of the camera in line with the character, try not to be in the shots, Lighting needs to be more consistent, try new forms of animation and videography

Overall I am really happy with the feedback I was given. If I was to re shot, I would definitely create a narrative to run with my video. I think the experience video is quite boring without one. Also thinking up a narrative for my artefacts could help me come up with an idea for my FMP narrative.


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